#1905Custom Suits

`yyA custom suit. A suit that fits perfectly, because it’s custom to you and nobody else. How can you beat that? In all honesty you probably can’t, at least not in my opinion. I’ve argued many times for the suit to be the modern man’s armor, and with your control and influence it has the potential to be the perfect fit, both literally and figuratively.

I am happy to share a little story with you today—the story of my partnership with Jos A. Bank to create not only three beautiful #1905Custom suits, but also a video to go alongside them. Creating your custom suit is simple, fun, and only takes three easy steps: Measurements, style and details, final alterations. See? Easy! With a speedy turnaround of only five to six weeks, you’ll have your #1905Custom suit in no time.

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Starting in NYC, my hometown, I went through the first round of creation: picking out fabrics, overall style, and details I’d like to incorporate for three different occasions.

Firstly, an updated “office” suit. I don’t work in an office, but you know as well as I do that I’m constantly running from meeting to meeting, and more importantly, that I like to dress the part when I do. I was considering the most versatile color for that environment, as well as the seasons throughout the year, and a medium grey windowpane fabric popped out that looked absolutely perfect to me. A simple two-button jacket, side vents that allow for a more tailored fit, and a few more details like a ticket pocket to complete the look.


Next up: a new suit for cocktail parties, events and gatherings. Something elegant yet casual, which for me translated to a cotton fabric. More sturdy than wool, it allows for a relaxed look. As for style, I decided to go with a khaki double-breasted variation. I love double breasted suits in general, but especially love when I can dress them down a little bit (if need be), and wear the jacket open. I chose a two inch cuff for the pant, another detail that could really go both classy or casual.

And last but not least, a tuxedo for the most memorable moments of your life. This is where I really had fun, because it’s arguably the most traditional version of a suit. While I appreciate tradition, I like to have fun with it too. Midnight blue over black, patterned over plain, a shawl collar combined with a double breasted vest, no satin stripe on the pants. All large and small variations of what the average guy would go for to create something that felt like a second skin.

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Now remember, at this point the suits don’t exist yet, merely the idea of them. So a few weeks later I make my way back to the store for my first fitting. I didn’t want to take the tuxedo off… I’ll leave it at that. A few minor adjustments that the tailor happily accommodated and I was close to having my final suits. It was wonderful to see how my “brain children” came to life and the excitement culminated when I arrived in Chicago for the video shoot in the complete looks.

We visited the most recently renovated Jos A. Bank store in Chicago and used it as the set for the video. A really gorgeous store, and great news for all of you all over the US: they’ll be renovating all their stores!

All suited up, we shot this video. I can honestly say I haven’t felt the amount of confidence I felt over those two days ever before in my life. Are you ready for your own?

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In Partnership with Jos. A. Bank


1905 Custom Suiting by Jos. A. Bank | Learn more here


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