Babe, can you hold my bag really quick?

I wondered for the longest time how women had the privilege of being able to wear nice looking bags to accessorize their outfit, but men usually stuck to briefcases or, in rare instances, duffle bags. “Clothes make a man, but the accessories make the clothes,” one of the most amazing …

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Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity at the Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Over and over again an inspiration to many artists and designers. Currently there is an exhibit on display that focuses on the fashion called Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity. It’s a wonderful exhibition and if you have the chance …

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New Yorker For A Day

And it just so happens to always be fashionable in the big apple called New York City. Elegant, and simple it conveys a feeling of sophistication, especially if applied to classic pieces like blazers, suits, or coats. In NYC you will even find those that wear all-black in the summer in the high …

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Fashion and emotions – really? The way we dress tells others a lot about who we are and how we feel. Did you know that major color trends are often a reflection of the general mood of the population? In an economical downturn, during which financial hardship plagues almost the entirety of a …

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Comfortable and Dapper (.. and on trend.)

Activewear influence is something we have been observing in the entire fashion world since the fitness boom in the early 2000s. It’s finally gotten to the point in menswear, where it’s not only combined with a casual look (- with denim for example), but with blazers and even suits.

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Fur. Faux or not, there’s enough for everybody, women and men alike. For men it works in a luxurious and dapper way as a scarf over the shoulders of your suit, layered in or as a big overcoat as we can see. I personally like the trend, which, interestingly enough, …

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Classy Paisley

Prints in many forms and on many different types of clothing, especially shirts, are really in demand right now. What exactly defines a print per se, you might ask. So lets shed some light on the matter: In general, we distinguish between printed and dyed fabrics. Usually, you can’t tell whether …

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Edo Pop at the Japan Society

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Tokyo has started yesterday night! And aren’t we usually impressed with the extravagant Asian fasion?! I spent my Saturday afternoon at the Japan Society on th Upper East Side in Manhattan. They currently have a wonderful exhibition on display – Edo Pop. Edo used to be what Tokyo is now …

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Designer + Fast Retailer

Cross-Shopping describes shopping in different stores, of different price ranges and has become vastly popular with the majority of Americans. Since the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, the economy had been hard on most of the citizens of the United States – a consequence was easily detected in …

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Hold On & Love Me

It has always been my dream to present fashion incorporating all arts. Now we have music on the runways. Sometimes there’s even a Fine Art aspect to the design of the location, and interior design certainly has its influences. Designers like Dsquared2 actually have had dance parts, but only as an intro.

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