The sea is calling.

Who doesn’t like a fresh sea breeze, when the sun is peaking out behind the clouds and spring is slowly approaching – yes also in New York City. A wonderful spot to enjoy exactly that is at the famous Pier 17 close to the financial district. From there you can take boat-tours, shop in the pier or …

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Shades of grey, shades of blue ..

These Prada triple foam sole, knit leather shoes inspired the look – they determined the color scheme for the major part. Shades of grey and shades of blue – therefore I’m wearing my H&M jeans, that have a mix between blue and black, and on the reverse, they even have a …

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T’was Fashion Week in NYC and I know this post is way late, but better late than never. This was actually the first time I had been at the Lincoln Center and any Fashion Week, so it was particularly exciting. Obviously, everybody wants to stand out from the crowd – I decided to keep it a little simpler, but still on trend.

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Artsy Fellow

This Thursday night I spent in Chelsea, and as most New Yorkers know that means gallery hopping. From 6-8 pm most galleries (and there are a lot of them between 23rd and 28th Street, between 10th and 11th Avenues) are opened and display artists temporarily.

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Dapper Bad Boy

Breaking the lines between styles often make a great outfit. Tailored Denim Vintage Shirt in a baby blue, topped by a oxblood Club Monaco V-Neck sweater make for a very classical look. The H&M jeans start to break that look, along with the fact that the shirt is untucked.

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The Sunny Side of Life

When in New York definitely check out the Brooklyn Bridge Park! Going onto the bridge is certainly one thing, but let me tell you, the real beauty you can discover from the Brooklyn side of the bridge: you can see the amazing skyline of the financial district in combination with the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Brooklyn Flair

A lovely Sunday in Brooklyn entailing the famous Brooklyn Flea Market and a trip to the Fort Greene Park – might as well dress the part, I thought, and tried to “Brooklyn it up”. Whatever I’m up to on a certain day inspires what I’m going to wear. “Duhhhh!!” some of you might think, but it’s actually not that obvious …

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Babe, can you hold my bag really quick?

I wondered for the longest time how women had the privilege of being able to wear nice looking bags to accessorize their outfit, but men usually stuck to briefcases or, in rare instances, duffle bags. “Clothes make a man, but the accessories make the clothes,” one of the most amazing …

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Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity at the Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Over and over again an inspiration to many artists and designers. Currently there is an exhibit on display that focuses on the fashion called Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity. It’s a wonderful exhibition and if you have the chance …

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New Yorker For A Day

And it just so happens to always be fashionable in the big apple called New York City. Elegant, and simple it conveys a feeling of sophistication, especially if applied to classic pieces like blazers, suits, or coats. In NYC you will even find those that wear all-black in the summer in the high …

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