Left: Fantastic bordeaux double monkstraps, slim legs on the pinstripe suit. Great fit overall, shoes match the printed tie. Classic, black framed glasses, white pocketsquare with black stitching, both perfectly in combination with the wider peak lapel.

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OOTD – Mustard on a Hot Dog

I’m wearing an H&M shirt from a few seasons ago, which is very trendy this season – denim and colorblocking. It’s actually a chambray shirt, but just visually it fits right into the scheme. It’s a little oversized, which works well for dancing, allowing for more movement, etc. The mustard pants …

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OOTD – Sleeve Action

So on top of the whole “denim on denim” thing … you gotta work your denim pieces individually, too. I got this denim shortsleeve shirt at Topman a couple of season ago. This season, if you walk in there and want to buy a Tee, you will find that most of them have the sleeves rolled up and sewn.

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INDIVIDUALS – Spring Time in NYC

Finally it has come thus far spring time in New York. And if you haven’t noticed it by the mere weather, gentlemen like this one here will show it with their outstanding attire. I love the combination of fresh springy pastels; you can’t really go wrong with a pale minty green or lilac this season – and as he proves, …

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Hidden Skull

I personally couldn’t wait any longer, here’s what I did. I really wanted to wear a tank top, since it was sunny out and at least somewhat warm. Turns out it wasn’t quite warm enough – ha. So I just layered another, tighter fitting tank underneath. I like that it peaks out at certain times, …

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Traces of Green

Bomber Jackets are lately a great way to replace a blazer and make a look very versatile in your everyday life. They’ve been experiencing increased hype the past couple of season, due to emerging menswesr designers that focused heavily on bomber jackets like Tim Coppens.

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Casually Suited Up

A big thing that we have been seeing on the streets and in magazines is layering suit separates with down vests – and those in color. They make for a great variation and piece to layer, replacing a sweater or cardigan, or even adding it to them. You can wear the vest over the blazer or underneath …

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White and bright.

Bright and white this spring/summer season, you will definitely want to buy into bright colors, and as usual: white, this season even more predominant. it goes with a lot of things, and you can easily combine it with several trends that are currently going on.

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The sea is calling.

Who doesn’t like a fresh sea breeze, when the sun is peaking out behind the clouds and spring is slowly approaching – yes also in New York City. A wonderful spot to enjoy exactly that is at the famous Pier 17 close to the financial district. From there you can take boat-tours, shop in the pier or …

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Shades of grey, shades of blue ..

These Prada triple foam sole, knit leather shoes inspired the look – they determined the color scheme for the major part. Shades of grey and shades of blue – therefore I’m wearing my H&M jeans, that have a mix between blue and black, and on the reverse, they even have a …

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