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The three-piece suit is like a sports car you keep in the garage and take out only on special occasions – those times when the ordinary won’t suffice and you’re looking to make an impression. It definitely stands out against a sea of simple two-pieces as something a step above with an air of authority and sophistication. It’s that wardrobe ace you take out when you want to sign a big client or have to make an entrance in a board meeting.

In addition to being the ultimate in dapper, a three-piece suit has the added benefit of being slimming thanks to the waistcoat; it can act almost like a corset to hide the fact that you’ve let your gym membership lapse.

I’ve partnered with Express to feature this charcoal suit  that has a distinctly business vibe to it – the kind of suit you’d like to see your high-priced lawyer wearing. There is nothing outlandish or ostentatious about it – it’s refined and elegant yet still modern thanks to its narrow lapels and slim, to-the-body tailoring. Because it’s a monochrome palette, it offers room to play with the shirting and accessories to infuse personality.

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In-keeping with the 60’s Mad Men vibe from the suit, I chose a dress shirt with a subtlety retro print and a tie that both contrasted (thanks to the striped pattern) and complimented (thanks to the blue-ish tones). The silk pocket square and striped socks are dandy touches to add a bit more vibrancy and fun into what is otherwise a very laced-up look. The double monk shoes help elevate the style beyond a simple pair of oxfords or brogues.

Grooming-wise, I went for a clean-shaven, Clark Kent look. If you’ve got the kind of job where a three piece suit is normal workplace attire, most likely you’re lathering up each morning. Everything in this look is from Express, with the exception of the watch and glasses.
Men's Suit 3 piece style

men's suit three piece style

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Details: Express Suit Jacket, Suit Pant, Shirt, Socks, Tie, Pocket Square, Shoes

Thank you to Express for partnering with me on this post.



  • Jordan says:

    Hello Marcel! Just found your blog today and loving it so far.

    I realize this article is a couple months old, but I had a question.

    Do you know the make and model of the watch? It’s super badass.


  • Natalie Say says:

    You look kinda cute in specs! OMG. By the way, what is the brand of your watch you’re wearing? Is it breitling?

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