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This guy right here. I’ve been working with Will for about a month now, and it’s working out wonderfully. For one, Equinox is just an insanely awesome gym. I love the atmosphere, inspiring people all around you, and awesome set up — and of course that high-end feel that Equinox offers.

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Cycle for Survival is a national charity movement to beat rare cancers, and last Monday hundreds of supporters cycled on Times Square for its third annual Times Square Takeover — one of them was me :) Basically, it was a spin class outside, …

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The PoloTech™ Shirt

Get ready for the next step in active wear: literally interwoven with technology. Ralph Lauren just released the PoloTech™ Shirt, in its unmistakably iconic Polo aesthetic, which is interwoven with silver fibers to measure your body biometrics as accurately as never before …

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I LOVE MY MORNINGS. Wake up, coffee, breakfast — I’m happy. Sundays are like all-day mornings for me, so you can fathom how much I love those. It’s all about comfort really, all about doing the things you love and relaxing as much as possible.

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Tennis Anyone?

Gotta preface this by saying that I am by no means anywhere to a “pro” at tennis. BUT. I wasn’t half bad. And I had so much fun. Lacoste invited us out to Montauk for another awesome Tennis clinic, and I’m really getting better every time 😉

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Black and White Mornings

I’ve been meaning to get more into grooming for a while, not only on the blog, but also just personally. I stopped by the Panasonic Beauty Bar on Friday during NYFW and got fantastic new electric shaver, which I took as an incentive to finally put the first comprehensive post of my morning routine together.

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The Right Scent

Morning routines are such incredibly important parts of the day for so, so many people, myself included. When I start the day off, jump in the shower and get ready for everything ahead mentally, it’s a lot about a refreshed scent that gets me motivated …

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Getting Connected

Honestly, I usually wear my watches for purely aesthetic reasons. I travel quite a bit, switch watches often, and thus rarely have them set at the right time, so it’s just another accessory to me, and my phone tells me what time it is.

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