And another year passed. It’s funny because I don’t really believe in New Year’s resolutions. In my opinion, if you want to change something in your life, you should go for it as soon as you realize, and not postpone the work you’ll have to do to reach your goal. With that being said, I find myself reflecting on the past year, benchmarking what goals I set and how much I achieved. It’s really just a question of timing: the New Year is inherently summing up the previous, so here I am once again, setting goals for 365 days of 2017-awesomeness.



One thing that became more and more obvious to me this year (maybe turning a quarter century old has something to do with that) is spending time with the people closest to you. Not only during the holidays, but year-round. Making time to do special things, as simple as taking a walk or as crazy as surprising them with a trip somewhere. We only live once, and love is happiness. But, of course, we gotta spend this time with them, as we spend all times: in style.



I partnered with Express for today’s post to show you this cozy look, which revolves a lot around earth tones. It all started with the beige cardigan, that I thought was a perfect all-rounder for anything you might wanna do with your loved ones, while keeping you warm and stylish. I layered a white long-sleeve T underneath, and a grey coat on top, both equally versatile pieces from ice skating to gourmet restaurants. A pair of vintage jeans takes the edge off the look a little more, and make for a great transition to these beautiful boots, allowing me to play with several brown tones throughout the look.

That’s it for today, and since I haven’t said it yet, here it goes: HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you find the strength to make your dreams come true!


Photography by James Creel with a Nikon D750 in Partnership with Express


Coat by Express | Shop here

Cardigan by Express | Similar here

T-Shirt by Express | Shop here

Jeans by Simon Miller | Shop here

Boots by Express | Similar here

Scarf by Zara | Shop here



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