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One of the mantras that I live by – and you see it on the bottom of every post on this blog is “share your passion.” Whatever it is that most calls out to your heart: follow it, celebrate it. Too often we are led by our minds rather than our hearts; and the mind only knows logic, it doesn’t understand love.

Being led by your passion will transform your life – it’s naturally infectious. People will be drawn to you when you are excited about what you’re doing, when your sharing comes out of pure joy.

When I think about how my simple love of men’s clothing has transformed from a personal predilection to something that I now do as a career, that has allowed me to travel, to meet wonderful people and to connect with new friends from all over the world as a community, it is truly amazing.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the passion that originally inspired me to move to New York and start blogging during these last few weeks as I’ve been shuffling between New York and Europe for work. What originally drew me to move to New York was that it is a city of passionate people – a city of people who come to create a new life based on their individuality. It feels good to be back in this nexus of creation right now.

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The other day I was walking around Brooklyn in some new threads I had picked up right before leaving for Europe from Express. I put this outfit together inspired by that distinctive New York energy that encourages a constant hustle, a perpetual propulsion forward towards chasing your dreams. In American Sportswear, there has always been a strong influence of working clothes – Americans are do-ers. They need clothes for lives of action.

Even though they’ve been around for a couple seasons already, I still dig motorcycle inspired jeans for guys (the pair I’m wearing is from Express). They’ve got an edge to them that feels distinctly New York, the only city that can match the pace of a motorcycle roaring through traffic.

Express has moved to categorizing their jeans to focus on leg shape and fit, which is a great boon to guys of all different builds – from those with skinny legs to those with huge quads and everything in between. These jeans are a skinny fit, and I rolled the cuffs in order to pair with a fresh pair of white high tops.

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My favorite new purchase is this suede “trucker” jacket, also from Express. It’s sort of a hybrid between a shirt and a proper jacket, making it a great layering piece that I know will feature heavily in my Fall rotation. When layering jackets, I usually like to have a longer t-shirt to break up the lines and create a more modern shape.

Overall, this outfit gave me the sensation of going places – of being in motion towards goals both defined and yet undefined. Passion is that essential fuel for following your dreams. Share with me what you’re most passionate about in the comments section below.

A big thank you to Express for partnering with me on this post.

DETAILS: Express Jeans | Express Jacket |Express T-shirt

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