Impossible Launches the I-1: Regrettable Decisions Now Back in Hard Proof

c60e25e091e64eeaa4a356fb60db4e96_large.jpegWe live in a digital age. Everything is floating in the cloud, ephemeral. If the internet were to disappear tomorrow, what would happen to our memories, our Instagram friends, our Tinder matches? Would it be like they never even existed? Scary stuff.

Enter the I-1, the first camera engineered and designed by the team at Impossible – the folks responsible for rescuing and refurbishing the last original Polaroid factory in Enschede, Holland eight years ago. Impossible saved over 200 million Polaroid cameras from being useless and they’ve just released the I-1 for worldwide sale.

The I-1 combines analog technology with modern photo advances: A one-of-a-kind ring flash provides diffused light with soft shadows, allowing for perfect shots and beautifully lit portraits, #nofilter necessary. This unique ring flash is comprised of eight LED’s and functions as a film count indicator – alerting users how many photos are left on their Impossible Project film. In addition to the exclusive ring-flash, the I-1’s magnetic viewfinder is easily collapsible and detachable allowing for future Impossible technological integrations.I-1 cutaway F

This isn’t a basic point, shoot and print Polaroid – the I-1 connects remotely to your smartphone so you can change aperture, shutter speed and upload directly to Insta (because they know otherwise you’d be snapping an iPhone shot of that print anyway, let’s be real).

There is something comforting about analog – getting the instant gratification of a physical photo that you can put on your fridge. You probably won’t want to carry the I-1 for documenting a night out at the bar (though on second thought, it would be a great conversation starter), but imagine it as a booth-free photo booth at your next house party. Your friends can take home something tangible to remember any and all of the great moments you might enjoy.


The I-1 instant camera retails for $299 and is available exclusively at the MoMA Design Store, Colette, Paul Smith and Selfridges in the UK, as well as on

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