Shooting Streetstyle n SoHo ..

… Stumbled upon these two gentlemen. Completely suited up – dapper as can be.

Left: Fantastic bordeaux double monkstraps, slim legs on the pinstripe suit. Great fit overall, shoes match the printed tie. Classic, black framed glasses, white pocketsquare with black stitching, both perfectly in combination with the wider peak lapel. Shirt kept simple, and the white collar gives it an extra luxurious touch.

Right: Great 3-piece combination, double-breasted vest having a wider pinstripe than the blazer and pants. Retro glasses, black and white pocketsquare, navy tie with the overall grey suit. Bag and shoes kept simple with such busy stripes – all black.

Amazing style on these two men, made my day.

Share Your Passion – Marcel

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