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Having grown up in Stuttgart, Germany, Hugo Boss has had even more of an impact on me than most others. Their headquarters were located only 30 minutes from my home, and I had always aspired to be able to afford and wear their clothes. As time went on and I started making my own money, it slowly but surely came within reach. I still remember the first Hugo Boss shirt I ever bought… made me feel like I was on cloud nine.


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My life went on, and I entered the fashion industry, learning more about all the brands that are out there, and realizing how much of a power house Hugo Boss really was, and still is. Fast forward to the beginning of this year, when I got an e-mail about a potential Hugo Boss eyewear shoot. “Sure,” I thought to myself, “why not? … Why not fly to South Africa for one of the most impactful brands in my life to spend three days on a global eyewear campaign shoot?!” It was a dream come true.

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Once I arrived in Cape Town, I heard a small voice in the back of my head: “This is eyewear. What if they shades don’t look good on you? What if the outfits they prepared won’t fit you? What if they hate you in every shot?” Self-doubt is normal, especially in a situation like this, but when I entered the room for our first fitting, all those doubts went away. The sunglasses were absolutely beautiful, every detail so intricate, and they all just happened to work with my face. The looks were stunning, each and every one exactly up my alley, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Last, but most importantly, the people were so warm and welcoming, very grateful for my participation, and last faint doubt faded away.

HUGO_BOSS_Shot04_0713 2 HUGO_BOSS_Shot09_0555 HugoBossDay1_bts_619 HUGO_BOSS_Shot09_0498

Throughout the campaign we explored some of the most beautiful corners of Cape Town, from nature to city, iconic spots to charming little places, together with my lovely female counter-part (who also happened to be German) Lorena Rae.

HUGO_BOSS_Shot05_0816 HUGO_BOSS_Shot01_1000 2 HUGO_BOSS_Shot10_0663 HUGO_BOSS_Shot10_0821

I realized why Hugo Boss is where it is today as a brand. I saw the brand work on this project with the same love and dedication, as I imagine all other parts of the brand are run, especially the design. I will sound biased if I say this now, but I really urge you to check out the sunglasses on the website. I had to wear them for the shoot, but almost every other day since then I find myself grabbing a pair of Hugo Boss shades or specs, and I love them more and more every day.

HUGO_BOSS_Shot06_0859 2 HUGO_BOSS_Shot06_0544

The experience of seeing this project come together, from that first e-mail to the ad-blasts all over the internet was insane. It was surreal and honestly one of the things I’m most proud of in my life. From a teenage dream to reality, I made it happen, and so can you. Never give up on your dreams!!! #LookAhead

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Photography by Hugo Boss in Partnership with Hugo Boss Eyewear


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