Lucky To Be Home






Photography by James Creel with a Nikon D750 in Partnership with Lucky Brand


Cardigan by Lucky Brand | Shop here

Shirt by Lucky Brand | Shop here

Jeans by Lucky Brand | Shop here

Boots by Lucky Brand | Shop here

You all know that I travel quite a bit, that I don’t live where I grew up in the first place, and that I’m not in Germany all that often. While New York is “home,” Stuttgart still is “home home,” if that makes any sense. There’s only one time a year I return home without exception: the holidays around Christmas. Being with the family, a White Christmas (which we’re usually lucky enough to have in Germany) and being in our house in the Black Forest are pretty much essential to me feeling like it’s Christmas in the first place, without any of these, it wouldn’t feel the same. So I’m really excited for #MyLuckyHoliday this season, and of course holiday style is a big part of the whole shebang.

Here, I’m wearing a head-to-toe look by Lucky Brand for today’s post, while every single piece works equally well individually for your holiday wardrobe. The cardigan doubles as an outerwear option, with the thick lining that insulates and actually keeps the wind out, which isn’t usually something you can say for a cardigan. The navy color as well as the beautiful design of the knit make this an excellent staple this year. Moving on, it’s really the color and the texture that make the button-down so special, but you know I’m a sucker for earth tones, so I might be biased. It’s all about the Christmas-greens and -reds, and this shirt is a great solution as a stand-alone piece, as well as a layer to enhance your holiday look. Those two in combination with a pair of stretchy, classically dark denim jeans make for an essential fall look, which I rounded out with a pair of brown leather lace-up boots. The white rubber sole picks up the peak of white on the lining of the jacket, a small but important detail to me, completing the look effortlessly.


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