Luxury Sneakers from Salvatore Ferragamo


One of the reasons I love Italy is the sense of art in every facet of life: the language is poetic and overflowing with joy to hear, the architecture has inspired many a romantic, and craftsmanship, especially of textiles, is almost a religion. One gets the sense that Italians do something not because they have to, but because they love to do it. There is amore and passione in that bowl of home made pasta, in a pair of hand crafted leather gloves from a family shop.


And so when it comes to luxury clothes and accessories, no one does it quite like the Italians, and at the top sits Salvatore Ferragamo, as much a part of Italian cultural heritage as the Coliseum. Ferragamo opened his Florentine shoe shop in 1927 and became the original Hollywood design star. To this day, Ferragamo continues a tradition of luxury and craftsmanship for the modern gentleman. Their casual sneaker offerings combine comfort with the highest quality materials and manufacturing.


I took the opportunity to shoot these sneakers while visiting my family in Casteltodino, a small village of 500 people in Terni, famous as the birthplace of Saint Valentine (yes, that one). If you want to wear sneakers with a suit, these would be the perfect choice. Constructed of wool felt, leather, suede and a rubber sole, they exude a quiet luxury that works well with classic stylings.






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