I never thought of myself as a designer. Honestly, I still don’t. Nevertheless, I have a capsule collection now. And there’s only one group of people I have to thank for this: the wonderful Designow team. Let me backtrack for a second to the first time I heard about the concept of the site. When I was hanging out with my friend Cristiano, he mentioned that our mutual friend Cinzia was joining a start-up company with a great new concept. I get really excited about any new and big ideas in the fashion industry, so there was only one question in my mind: “What’s the concept?!”

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It’s not easy for young designers to make their mark in the industry. Let alone to get a collection produced. Or even a sample. But what about all the talent out there? The one’s that don’t have a helping hand along the way, the finances to make their dreams come true? is a platform where designers can upload their sketches or sample designs, all of us get to vote, and the top voted on designs actually get produced!!! Designers get help from a production management team to make their dreams come true, and profits are split. What an amazing idea…

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A few weeks go by, and the “Designow” name pops back into my inbox. They want me to design a capsule collection, to help spread the word and get traction on the site. Again: I did not plan on designing anything prior. But with the ability in front of me, I asked myself “why not?”

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What you’re looking at is the result of that story. A capsule collection inspired by what I believe is something very important in fashion: versatily. The idea behind the pieces is that it’s a version of a casual three-piece suit. You can wear all pieces together, you can wear them separately, combine the different colors, or go monochrome. Dress it up, dress it down, either way, it works, as I’m hoping to show with the pictures in this post.

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The cotton fabric has enough stretch in the pants and jacket to fit slim, but still allow for flexibilty. The overall vibe is casual, but the details refined, a lot revolving around the buckles. The most “innovative” piece I’d say is the jacket, a hybrid between a blazer and a trucker jacket, with the tab on the back, patch pockets, and classy buttons. The cargo pant is a more interesting version of a chino, with the flat pockets, the single pleat, and more small details that enhance the design. I wanted to have a vest in the collection to give you guys the chance to layer more intricately, and easily, especially in the summer. I could go on and on, but if you wan’t to take a closer look at the collection as a whole, please check out the websit, there you can shop the pieces too — promise they’re all reasonably priced 😉

Once again, I could not have done this without Designow, who has worked diligently, and helped me at every step of the way to make the realization of this collection as easy as humanly possible. Thank you guys, truly, it is an honor to be working with you!!

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Photography by James Creel in Partnership with Designow


Capsule Collection by Marcel Floruss x Designow | Shop here



  • Sascha Venus says:

    Great article as always man!
    Love the idea of designow!
    Going to give it a look and try for sure :)
    Awesome looks, especially the first one is an eye catcher!
    All the best,
    Sascha Venus

  • Diogo says:

    Really nice post Marcel.
    Love the idea and the concept.
    All the best,
    Diogo 😉

  • Wow my friend… the concept is really awesome, it is such a great idea to land a helping hand on the young designers to help them achieve their dreams and show us some new fashion pieces as u did yourself. I am a big fan of the cargo pants and the vest, i am pretty sure i could rock these two pieces as well as the jacket. It looks very modern and sophisticated but with a casual touch and a great sense of comfort. Really great work my friend

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