No Heat Summer Hair: Give your locks a vacation

While a hair dryer can be an essential tool for creating polished hairstyles, it’s also a drag and not great for your hair’s health to blast it with heat everyday. Who wants to be that guy who comes in from the pool and immediately has to run up to the bathroom to make sure his hair dries just so? And don’t get me started on cooling down in the shower only to get overheated blowing hot air on my head.

For summertime, it’s liberating to get a fresh crop and just go short for fuss-free follicles. You might ask your hair guy for a buzz, a crew cut or some form of trendy undercut. The point is: let them know you want something you don’t have to manage, battling with rebellious strands in front of the mirror for fifteen minutes each morning.

American Crew_160621

Going short for the summer makes for easy-to-manage hair that doesn’t get in the way of being active. Since I want to be out on the beach as much as possible this summer, I decided to change up my routine from when I had longer hair and just keep it simple with a few products by American Crew®, with whom I partnered for today’s post.

American Crew_160621_1 American Crew_160621_2

I recently switched to American Crew® Daily Shampoo and Daily Conditioner to keep my hair healthy and smooth, so I don’t have to spend as much time styling it. Healthy hair is ultimately good hair, so if your locks are hydrated that’s going to be the key to hair that’s shiny and soft – the kind of hair that just invites a playful caress on the beach…ok I’m daydreaming a bit, but you get the idea. The American Crew® Daily Shampoo gives hair softness and manageability without build-up and the Daily Conditioner leaves my hair smelling minty fresh as well thanks to the signature scents from the menthol and peppermint oil ingredients.

American Crew_160621_3 American Crew_160621_4 American Crew_160621_5 American Crew_160621_6

For a night out, rather than reach for the blow dryer, I’ve been experimenting with the Firm Hold Styling Gel, which provides a soft hold with nice shine to create texture. It’s best to add it in to clean, (at least towel-) dried hair to avoid that 90’s sticky look. After a quick brush, use the gel sparingly: rub in between your palms and then spread over your hair evenly.

American Crew_160621_7

Now what are you gonna do with all that extra no dry time?

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