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I love sports. Growing up in Germany, as most kids, especially the little dudes, I played soccer. I was on the field pretty much every single day from a very early age, but one thing I never quite got into is watching it. Then I moved to New York. Watching sports here is almost a ritual for many Americans, and it’s hard not to get affected by it. A couple of my fondest memories since I moved here were actually two Super Bowl parties, and I had so much fun watching it because I was hanging out with friends, munching on snacks and having a few drinks while cheering for a team that I honestly have no clue about, so usually I just go by which city I think I’d prefer.

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This year Moti and I wanted to throw a little get-together ourselves, and I’m more than happy to announce my partnership with Stella Artois in connection with that. You know my stance on drinking, I think responsibly enjoying is incredibly important, and it’s really not that hard with a beer like Stella. I tend to favor their Stella Artois Cidre, as I mostly eat gluten-free, but every now and then I can’t help but want a beer … must be the German roots. In addition to having their Cidre, I’m stoked Stella hooked us up with a few 12-packs of beer because I know everybody is going to love it. It’s one of the very few beers I think everybody likes. At least everybody I know.

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But let’s move on to a bigger topic that’s directly related to our party, as well as yours potentially, because Stella Artois is actually partnering with to help their cause to end the water crisis. There’s three ways you can have a fun time and still impact the world in a positive way: 1. get a 12-pack of Stella Artois beer or cidre for your party to help provide 1 year of clean water to one person in the developing world; 2. get a pint or bottle of Stella at the bar you watch the Super Bowl at, and that equals 1 month of clean water; 3. if you want something to hold on to, the #1Chalice5Years campaign is also part of the Super Bowl fundraiser, which is self-explanatory and the biggest donation trigger. That $13 dollar Chalice provide 5 years of clean water to one person in the developing world.  I genuinely hope this inspires you guys to not only have a great time with a great beer, but also to do something great for other people that are in need of a human necessity: clean water.

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Photography by Bryant Littrean 


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