Plastc: The One Card to Rule Them All

Plastc Card

It used to be that having a fat wallet was a sign of success, now it just means you’re probably a receipt hoarder and have a bulging pocket (is that a wallet in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?). Since pants have gotten slimmer, wallets have needed to go on a diet too.

I personally like to keep my cash and cards in a discreet leather card case that’s small and thin enough to fit in a front pocket of jeans and won’t make lines in a pair of trousers. Most card cases only have space for 6 cards, so if you’re packing more plastic than that, you should think about getting Plastc, an all-in-one intelligent card that lets you sync all your credit and debit cards to one singular money spending machine.

You might be thinking two things right now: wait, isn’t that the same thing as Apple Pay and that sounds really dumb, what happens if I leave it behind and someone has access to all my cards? Well firstly, it would be awesome if mobile pay technology were accepted everywhere – but it doesn’t seem like that’s happening in the near future. Besides the grocery store and Starbucks, there are still few merchants that are set up to take phone payments. To the second point – and it’s a good one – Plastc would probably keep you safer than your traditional credit card in the case of leaving it behind. The card syncs with your phone’s Bluetooth to let you know when you’re about to leave it behind, sensing as you get further than 100 feet from it. It’s also protected with a PIN that you must enter to unlock and swipe the card. It also has a remote wipe feature so if you wake up in the middle of the night and realize you’ve lost your card (it’s happened), you can erase all its data so that there’s no chance of anyone taking a spa day on your dime.


Plastc is accepted everywhere that traditional cards are taken and can store up to twenty cards. The futuristic touch screen lets you swipe through to choose which card you want to use for the transaction and lock it on one to process. And of course it just looks cool – even if you’re paying with your bank card, you’ve got something black and heavy to throw down when reaching for the dinner bill.



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