Sporty Luxe







Photography by James Creel with a Nikon D750 in Partnership with Andrew Marc

Down Jacket by Andrew Marc | Shop here

Hi-Top Sneakers by Andrew Marc | Shop here

Denim Jacket by Topman | Shop here

Turtleneck by Asos | Shop here

Chinos by Dr. Denim | Shop here

Shades by RAEN | Shop here

Golden light, golden outfit. And that’s not a praise for myself, but rather for the beautiful jacket and sneakers by Andrew Marc that inspired the look. The down-jacket is water-repellant and has a rabbit-fur collar, that doesn’t only keep your neck warmer than warm, it also alludes to the luxury of the entire piece. The forest green, suede, high-top kicks were an instant favorite as soon as I grabbed them out of the box! Together with the jacket they make for a high-end sporty look that I completed with chinos, and a denim jacket over a turtle neck. Just one of the many ways you could have rocked either of these versatile pieces. This jacket was definitely a great addition to the AM coat I already had in my closet, been a fan of their outerwear since I first tried on said coat. Truth is, once you hold any of their products in your hands, it’s hard to argue the quality, and that’s what makes you fall for them.


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