Stocking Up on Fresh Styles At Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale

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by Zanerobe

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Drop Crotch Shorts

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If you enjoy shopping as an activity as I do, where you get a thrill from acquiring a new outfit, a rush from a pair of fresh sneakers that you can imagine pairing with so many things in your closet, then you come to be strategic about when and where you shop.

Paying full price for everything, all the time, is one of the surest ways to end up in the poor house, or having to sublet the little old lady that lived in a shoe’s abode while you AirBnB your apartment to pay off your American Express bill.

One event that’s always marked on my calendar is Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale, one of the largest annual sales of the year where customers can get brand­-new, just­-arrived styles at super­-sale prices. When the event ends, all sale items return to their original prices.

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July – and this sale – is the best time to stock up on Fall and back to school (or back to work?) looks. You’ll get the freshest, just-hit-stores looks while paying only a fraction of the price and saving yourself the headache of having to shop last minute as the summer days fade away into Fall.

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I took the opportunity to add a few new pieces to my wardrobe from Nordstrom and put this outfit together, inspired by school style (I’m still a kid at heart). I started building this look with these all white New Balance kicks. They’re in that Goldilocks territory of being just the right shape: not too boxy, not too narrow. We’re having a heat wave in the city at the moment, so I chose to wear slightly drop-crotch shorts from Zanerobe. To tie the white from the sneakers back in, I wore this striped T – also from Zanerobe – for some contrast and varsity vibes. And because a backpack is the coolest men’s accessory du jour, I was all too happy to cop this one from Herschel Supply Co. This sack’s got enough street cred to stroll down Fairfax Avenue and draw envious looks. With a nylon body and dyed leather trims in a mint tone, it’s almost too cool for school.

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