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Ralph Lauren is synonymous with classic American style. When you’re looking for the perfect cable knit sweater or contrast collar shirt that feels at home in Greenwich and East Hampton, Ralph Lauren is the first name that comes to mind. One can always count on Ralph Lauren to be refined, tasteful and subtle. It’s the same notes that make its fragrances so cherished.

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I’ve partnered with Ralph Lauren Fragrances to remind you of a cologne you’ve likely smelled and loved before: POLO BLUE. The brand recently released a new POLO BLUE Eau de Parfum; a more intense, elegant and sophisticated version of the classic scent.

I am a believer in changing up your fragrance with the seasons – lighter colognes with floral notes that are seductive in the spring and summer fall flat in the colder months. And the same is true in reverse – woodsy or musk fragrances are best brought out in tandem with the winter coat.

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POLO BLUE EDP is a classic scent that falls somewhere in between – it is fresh enough to wear in the warm months thanks to the bergamot and basil verbena notes, but grounded in rich vetiver, which lends the fragrance body and depth. It’s a great everyday fragrance – clean and unobtrusive enough to wear to work and reapply for evenings out. 

We shot this look on a boat ride in the East River. Since it’s difficult to convey a scent in words, I tried my best to personify the Polo Blue Eau de Parfum. I wore a Ralph Lauren 3-piece wool suit, swapping the jacket for a cable knit cardigan that I could imagine John F. Kennedy wearing to sail around Hyannis Port. The fragrance itself is as fresh as a Massachusetts sea breeze and as classically American as the contrast collar striped shirt that is so beloved down on Wall Street.


Photography by Moti Ankari with a Nikon D750 in Partnership with Ralph Lauren


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