The Last Light

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Photography by Bryant Littrean with a Sony a7r in Partnership with dunhill


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Black tie and evening wear. Rarely requested, but once it does occur, it’s probably the most daunting of all. Infused with centuries of sartorial tradition and its evolution, evening wear is very unique and can be absolutely breathtaking. As the year is coming to an end now, you might have a couple of occasions coming up, may it be a Christmas party, a charity event or a New Year’s gathering, so I partnered with dunhill, arguably an expert in the field, to show you my interpretation of it with a full attire by the British brand. The key piece in any of these looks is really the dinner jacket, at least in my opinion. I don’t like to be the peacock that stands out too much, but I do like having some fun, so I chose a stunning navy velvet dinner jacket. What follows is fairly expected, but the materials and and fit are what bring the look to life: a white pleated tuxedo shirt, black pants, a black silk bow tie and a cummerbund. Dedication to the aesthetic is absolutely necessary, so I finished it off with a pair of slippers reminiscent of what you would have seen the former have of the 20th century. All in all, you can’t imagine how good it felt to be wearing this outfit. You know that fashion for me is a lot about what it makes you feel, and I felt on top of the world, so I encourage you, if you see the three lovely words “Black Tie Requested” on an invitation to embrace it and have fun, as long as you do that there’s no need to worry. And now you know where to start shopping as well 😉



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