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There comes a funny time in a man’s life, usually commencing in his mid- to late- twenties, when his best mates start getting hitched and he finds himself saving the date for a successive array of weddings and bachelor parties. Suddenly it becomes hard to still think of yourself as a kid when the people you grew up with are taking on real life, long-term commitments – all the while you can’t seem to stay committed to one gym for more than a few months.

You can’t help but be proud of your buddy when you see the way they look at their bride-to-be and feel their happiness and excitement. For some guys, going to a wedding is the first occasion they have to buy a suit. Then comes the question – what to wear? What does black tie optional even mean? Many younger guys are forgoing the tux nowadays in favor of a suit with a bit more personality – one that feels modern while still classed up. This month I have partnered with Express to give my take on suiting for formal occasions.

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In some ways, dressing for a black tie event is easy because you know exactly what you have to wear – a non black tie affair leaves room for interpretation. My buddy Luca and I recently got dressed up as if to attend a friend’s wedding in New York. I haven’t been to any weddings in a minute, but you guys might remember that a couple months back I attended a Christening – which required a similar dress code.


Luca and I headed to Express to get outfitted and each did our own take on wedding formal. Even if the invitation calls for formal attire – which invariably means a suit and tie combination – you can still personalize the look to make it your own. A modern, two button tailored suit is a great start. For formal but not black-tie affairs, you can usually choose from navy, grey and if you’re daring – plum – as I did. You can opt for a minimalist vibe with a plain shirt and tie, or mix it up as Luca and I did with contrasting colors and prints, adding a pocket square for an extra statement. I went sockless with double monks (also from Express) because I’m not the groom and in no danger of getting cold feet.


For a formal or semi-formal event, both looks are appropriate. These are great suits you can wear again – not just on occasions where vows are said. Even if you’re not ready to say “I do” anytime soon, you can at least commit to a good suit knowing it will be a lasting relationship.

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Marcel Details: Suit Jacket, Suit Pant, Dress Shirt, Tie, Shoes

Luca Details:  Suit Jacket, Suit Pant, Dress Shirt, Tie, Shoes

Thank you to Express for partnering with me on this post.


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