The First Call

8 degrees Celsius. Rain from dusk till dawn. New York City isn’t always the brightest of cities in the fall time, which doesn’t mean that you have to succumb to the dreariness of it all. I decided to wear my ripped white Rag & Bone jeans that I bought from Neiman Marcus, with whom I partnered for today’s post, the beginning of the summer. While I agree that white jeans are primarily a summer staple, there’s ways to pull them off in the colder seasons.


Using British accents like double-breasted closures and flannel textures is a great starting point, and what I chose to go for with this outfit. So I brought out my classic trenchcoat and flipped up the collar; I wore the coat unbuttoned to make the look more sporty and dynamic, both sides flowing and flying as the wind breezed through the streets.

neiman-marcus_161028_2 neiman-marcus_161028_4

Underneath, I went for a sporty knit Lacoste sweater with white hems, to tie the jeans back in, and then layered a simple white t-shirt underneath. The grey Salvatore Ferragamo sneakers worked perfectly for two reasons: one, the white sole acted as yet another tie in for the jeans; two, the flannel texture on the upper of the shoe helped make the look more season-appropriate, again thinking about accenting the “British” way.

neiman-marcus_161028_1 neiman-marcus_161028_6

The beauty with all of this is that Neiman Marcus is having an insane sale this weekend, and you can get the entire look on the website at a great discount! The “First Call Sale” has up to 60% off in Better Apparel and up to 40% in all other departments. So you better get shopping, because this look is merely scratching the surface of all the sartorial goodness Neiman Marcus has to offer. I’ve been eyeing this coat for example, and don’t even get me started on these sneakers… so I’ll probably be joining you on the shopping excursion this weekend 😉


Photography by Nick Pierce with a Nikon D750 in Partnership with Neiman Marcus


Trench Coat by Peter Millar | Similar here

Knit Sweater by Lacoste | Shop here

T-Shirt by Vince | Shop here

Jeans by Rag & Bone | Shop here

Sneakers by Salvatore Ferragamo | Shop here


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