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Visiting the Tod’s Factory in Marche

When was the last time you were shopping in a store and wondered about where something came from? I’m not just talking about the designer’s face that you might recognize from newspapers and magazines; I’m talking about the literally hundreds and hands and minds that were involved in the process from bringing that shirt or pair of shoes onto the selling floor.

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Upgrade your bachelor pad

A man’s home is his sanctuary. There are few things as satisfying as having your own home, one that reflects your personality and is a comforting and welcoming space for friends and family. It is a quantum leap into adulthood when a man is ready to leave the nest of roommates, disappearing Hot Pockets and a toilet roll no one ever bothers to replace – and stake out on his own.

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Create Stunning Images with the DJI Phantom 4

The latest and best in drone technology is the DJI Phantom 4, just released back in April. I’ve had the Phantom 3 and loved it, so I’m going to be upgrading to the 4 and will tell you why it’s worth the four-figure price tag.

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Clothes for driving your dreams forward

The other day I was walking around Brooklyn in some new threads I had picked up right before leaving for Europe from Express. I put this outfit together inspired by that distinctive New York energy that encourages a constant hustle. In American Sportswear, there has always been a strong influence of working clothes – Americans are do-ers. They need clothes for lives of action.

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Luxury Sneakers from Salvatore Ferragamo

When it comes to luxury clothes and accessories, no one does it quite like the Italians, and at the top sits Salvatore Ferragamo, as much a part of Italian cultural heritage as the Coliseum. Ferragamo opened his Florentine shoe shop in 1927 and became the original Hollywood design star. To this day, Ferragamo continues a tradition of luxury and craftsmanship for the modern gentleman. Their casual sneaker offerings combine comfort with the highest quality materials and manufacturing.

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Perry Ellis Spring Summer 2017

Perry Ellis Goes Relaxed for Spring / Summer 2017

Perry Ellis released their Spring / Summer 2017 collection in New York last week featuring a runway of looks ranging from Williamsburg street to Boca bridge club. It is an appropriate range for a brand that is synonymous with classic American menswear but in recent years has been pushing the envelope into more debonair territory, and I was happy to partner with them for NYFWM.

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Great T-Shirts for this Summer

Over the years the T-shirt has grown up in style from a billboard of whatever bombastic pop culture reference is in vogue to an understated staple in increasingly sophisticated weaves. Express recently introduced their One Eleven range of stylish T’s that compliment laid back summer styles paired with your favorite jeans or chinos.

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A Local’s Guide To Visiting Florence

Florence, or Firenze – as it’s called in Italian – is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy in a country full of picturesque landscapes and iconic architecture. The city is relatively small, and like most European cities, has been built over the centuries as a circle, radiating around the Duomo at its center. It is an easily walkable city with pleasant cobblestone streets and minimal automobile traffic.

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