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Perry Ellis Spring Summer 2017

Perry Ellis Goes Relaxed for Spring / Summer 2017

Perry Ellis released their Spring / Summer 2017 collection in New York last week featuring a runway of looks ranging from Williamsburg street to Boca bridge club. It is an appropriate range for a brand that is synonymous with classic American menswear but in recent years has been pushing the envelope into more debonair territory, and I was happy to partner with them for NYFWM.

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Express July_160710_8

Great T-Shirts for this Summer

Over the years the T-shirt has grown up in style from a billboard of whatever bombastic pop culture reference is in vogue to an understated staple in increasingly sophisticated weaves. Express recently introduced their One Eleven range of stylish T’s that compliment laid back summer styles paired with your favorite jeans or chinos.

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Florence Guide_160706_8

A Local’s Guide To Visiting Florence

Florence, or Firenze – as it’s called in Italian – is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy in a country full of picturesque landscapes and iconic architecture. The city is relatively small, and like most European cities, has been built over the centuries as a circle, radiating around the Duomo at its center. It is an easily walkable city with pleasant cobblestone streets and minimal automobile traffic.

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Parley Adidas

Fashion to save the planet: Adidas x Parley

Parley and Adidas have teamed up for a very limited edition release of sneakers constructed from recycled ocean waste: nylon 6-gill nets salvaged off the coast of Africa from illegal fisheries and PET (plastic bottles), of which millions of tons litter the sea.

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Banana Republic_160623_6

Men’s Style for an Urban Safari

Living in New York can be akin to being on a safari. There is a constant sense of adventure, of not knowing what unexpected sight may appear, and observing a natural struggle to survive among its diverse population. The urban jungle isn’t just clever catchphrase: it’s a way of life in the big city.

It was the sense of living in a concrete zoo that inspired this outfit comprised mostly of pieces that I picked up on a recent hunt at Banana Republic. There is a current trend in menswear of layering vests over t-shirts, which gives an otherwise simple look a bit of style and intrigue.

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Givenchy men's sandals

Mandal Season: A Guide to Men’s Sandals

Sandals for men is a contentious subject. There are some style purists who argue that sandals only belong on men’s feet at the beach. Their reasoning is that no one wants to see a man’s hairy toes peeping out from under the dining table at lunch. While it’s true that someone’s unkempt toenails can be the fastest way to lose your appetite, the fact is that men have been wearing sandals for thousands of years for a reason: there are few things feel so good as sweet feet liberation in the summer time.

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pitti 1_160618

3 Pitti Uomo Inspired Menswear Looks for Summer

This year I attended Pitti with a slightly different mindset than years past: I shied away from traditional suiting in favor of more relaxed looks that feel modern and younger. You can translate these outfits and trends into your own wardrobe whether or not you’re a Pitti-going industry insider.

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Don Paris hats

7 European Brands you should know from Pitti Uomo

Pitti Immagine (aka Pitti Uomo) is a trade show that is almost exclusively attended by retail buyers sorting through the latest and greatest of men’s fashion coming out of Europe. Some of these brands are creating innovative designs that might be huge in the EU but remain largely unknown in the USA, which is a shame because everyone deserves to know about good style. Here are seven brands out of Pitti to put on your radar:

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