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Men’s Style for an Urban Safari

Living in New York can be akin to being on a safari. There is a constant sense of adventure, of not knowing what unexpected sight may appear, and observing a natural struggle to survive among its diverse population. The urban jungle isn’t just clever catchphrase: it’s a way of life in the big city.

It was the sense of living in a concrete zoo that inspired this outfit comprised mostly of pieces that I picked up on a recent hunt at Banana Republic. There is a current trend in menswear of layering vests over t-shirts, which gives an otherwise simple look a bit of style and intrigue.

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Givenchy men's sandals

Mandal Season: A Guide to Men’s Sandals

Sandals for men is a contentious subject. There are some style purists who argue that sandals only belong on men’s feet at the beach. Their reasoning is that no one wants to see a man’s hairy toes peeping out from under the dining table at lunch. While it’s true that someone’s unkempt toenails can be the fastest way to lose your appetite, the fact is that men have been wearing sandals for thousands of years for a reason: there are few things feel so good as sweet feet liberation in the summer time.

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3 Pitti Uomo Inspired Menswear Looks for Summer

This year I attended Pitti with a slightly different mindset than years past: I shied away from traditional suiting in favor of more relaxed looks that feel modern and younger. You can translate these outfits and trends into your own wardrobe whether or not you’re a Pitti-going industry insider.

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Don Paris hats

7 European Brands you should know from Pitti Uomo

Pitti Immagine (aka Pitti Uomo) is a trade show that is almost exclusively attended by retail buyers sorting through the latest and greatest of men’s fashion coming out of Europe. Some of these brands are creating innovative designs that might be huge in the EU but remain largely unknown in the USA, which is a shame because everyone deserves to know about good style. Here are seven brands out of Pitti to put on your radar:

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Plastc Card

Plastc: The One Card to Rule Them All

I personally like to keep my cash and cards in a discreet leather card case that’s small and thin enough to fit in a front pocket of jeans and won’t make lines in a pair of trousers. Most card cases only have space for 6 cards, so if you’re packing more plastic than that, you should think about getting Plastc, an all-in-one intelligent card that lets you sync all your credit and debit cards to one singular money spending machine.

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Christening men's style what to wear how to dress

A Men’s Guide to Dressing for a Christening

I chose a navy double blazer suit and a white shirt with the top two buttons undone. I was originally planning to wear suede shoes but it was raining the day of the Christening so instead opted for a pair of dark brown leather laceups without socks to keep things modern.

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Acqua di Gio

Sprezzatura in Firenze with Acqua di Gio

These days it seems like I am in a different city every week but one of the things consistently in my suitcase wherever I go is Armani’s Acqua di Gio. The classic scent is like a passport when navigating social interactions, especially when a common language isn’t shared. Fragrance is a tool men can use to put their best foot forward, projecting a pleasant aroma of confidence that can help break down barriers.

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Jack Threads Street Style

Try Before You Buy: JackThreads Gets Men’s Shopping

Online shopping has made everything accessible nearly everywhere, but things have gotten even better now that Jack Threads has raised the bar with their new “Try Outs” feature, which allows you to order whatever you want, in however many sizes, without being charged you until you decide what you want to keep. Pretty awesome, right? There are no shipping costs either way and you get 7 days from the date of delivery to leisurely try out the haul, seeing what works with your wardrobe.

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Fewness Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Finding something that is going to delight dad is a challenge: how else to explain preponderance of ties filling his closet or socks filling his underwear drawer? The key is not to get him something mundane (though he’ll appreciate the gesture), but something he doesn’t even realize he wants – maybe something he doesn’t even know exists.

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The Best in Men’s Swimwear

Men’s swimwear has undergone significant change over the last decade, transforming from a utilitarian surf staple to style statement. What was once just a basic choice between Speedo or some boxy board shorts has morphed into a category that’s spawned its own niche design labels (with luxury prices to match).

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