Trust The Brits

Fall is inarguably upon us, and so begins the season of layers, thick fabrics and darker colors. One of my absolute favorite brands, especially in the colder times of the year is Ted Baker. Something about the British powerhouse that takes layering to a whole new level. Walking into their new store on Wooster street, the layers fell into place almost automatically. The first piece that popped out was the double-breasted coat. I’m an outerwear fiend, and this coat is an absolute dream. Length, pattern, color, all on point, making it endlessly versatile.


The next thing that caught my attention was the sweater. The patterns almost clash, but the sweater is just about different enough and in such a vibrant color to create a nice combination. Once I had picked out the herringbone sweater, the rest followed suit: slim Bordeaux chinos, patterned socks, oxblood derbies, and a white and Bordeaux shirt.

What’s important to me in a situation like this, is that the colors are either the exact same, or different enough to create a nice dynamic. I had actually been unsure about the choice of coat for just a second, but then I saw the color on the melton (the flip-side of the collar) and that turned out to match … so I figured: “Who am I to disagree?” and rolled with it.

The beautiful thing about all of this is: on October 12th, 13th and 14th, you can shop the entire website and stores at 25% off! So get your wallets ready and go see if you can find something for yourself, either anything from my look or just something you fall in love with 😉





Photography by  Nick Pierce with a Nikon D750 in Partnership with Ted Baker


Coat by Ted Baker | Shop here

Sweater by Ted Baker | Shop here

Shirt by Ted Baker | Shop here

Pants by Ted Baker | Shop here

Shoes by Ted Baker | Shop here



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