A Roadtrip Through South Africa

South Africa. Wow. What an insane couple of weeks in this beautiful country. After my Hugo Boss job in Cape Town, I headed to Johannesburg to explore the city for four days before my mom came to join me. This trip was my birthday present to her, ‘cause she just turned 50 in January! While I had set out to explore, there was one thing in the way: the hotel I was staying at was way. too. beautiful.

In Johannesburg I was lucky enough to work with the Fairlawns Boutique Hotel, and stayed there for several nights. Guys, I’ve been to many hotels, big and small. The Fairlawns Hotel was impeccable. The upgrade to the Villa played a big part, with my own swimming pool, three bed rooms, and no one there with me — I still had a blast. Here’s some photos I snapped while I was at the hotel, before we went on the road.

fairlawns_170314 fairlawns_170405_1 fairlawns one_170312_6 fairlawns_170405 fairlawns_170314_1

I’ll let those pictures speak for themselves. If you’re visiting Johannesburg soon, I’d absolutely look into staying here. Then my mom arrived, and we set out to go on Safari. The idea was to stay outside the Kurger National Park for a bit, then drive through it down towards St. Lucia and spend the rest of our time in Hluhluwe Game Reserve. On the way there we stopped by Blyde River Canyon to enjoy the views, which looked something like this:


And then we headed off to the Kruger. We ended up (accidentally) booking a huge private lodge — Lodge 23 at Elephant Point — just outside, again with its own swimming pool. Let me restate this was by accident, but we were definitely happy with that. There was some game in our area, like a giraffe that apparently gave birth to a baby a day prior to our arrival. After several unsuccessful attempts to find them, we decided to actually head inside the park. Here’s what we found on our first safari, and also a couple of looks :)

Kruger_170405_6Kruger_170405_8Kruger_170405_17Kruger_170405_16 Kruger_170405_11 Kruger_170405_12 Kruger_170405_13 Kruger_170405_15Kruger_170405_18 Kruger_170405_20 Kruger_170405_19Kruger_170405_5

Yeah. So not a bad first safari AT ALL. We drove in, saw baboons, elephants, giraffes and zebras within the first five minutes. And one hell of a sunset. But you know what? It was weird. It was too easy. Like taking candy from a baby, but it didn’t even cry afterwards. My mom and I were missing the excitement of looking for the animals, hoping we’d get one quick glimpse, possibly enough to take a photo, but they were just there. Like in a zoo. So: we were more than excited to make our way down the country to try and see if the Hluhluwe Game Reserve actually is a lot wilder, as we were told. So we packed our things and moved along to the south, where me made a quick stop on the way at a super idyllic lake, perfect for an early morning shot.


And we were off to our final destination: Rhino Ridge Lodge, the only privatized property within the park, with two daily safaris included in the room price. We decided to head out two times, even though we could’ve went more often, because we actually wanted to take some time and relax. Also, check out the result of our two safaris, I think you’ll know why I wasn’t desperate to get back out. I was pretty happy.

safari_170322 safari_170322_25safari_170322_200 safari_170322_6 safari_170322_1 safari_170322_26safari_170322_12 safari_170322_11 safari_170322_14 safari_170322_8 safari_170322_150 safari_170322_9 safari_170322_10 safari_170322_17 safari_170322_19 safari_170322_7 safari_170322_320 safari_170322_3 safari_170322_24safari_170322_20 safari_170322_5 safari_170322_22safari_170322_4Kruger_170405_24 Kruger_170405_26Kruger_170405

We had to drive around, we waited, we looked close and far and had just so many amazing sightings. We added rhinos to the list, and most impressively a couple of male lions we found first thing in the morning. We followed them for about an hour, the ended up getting closer and closer and lastly decided to take a nap together on the street — super adorable. It’s hard not to forget that these are actually dangerous animals, when they just seem like a couple kittens having fun. To finish off, here’s my favorite shot of the two, together with my favorite shot of my mom and I on the trip — tripodding hardcore. I hope you guys enjoyed the post, a little different than usual, but I was super stoked to show you the photos, so I hope you like ’em :)

safari_170322_23 Kruger_170405_2



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