My Life, My Dress Code

In my life, style has always been a way of self-expression. A way to communicate how we think of ourselves without opening our mouths. One thing that has always been very important to me, is that my style is variable. My day is usually long, hectic and very diverse in terms of locations and environments I find myself in. So I feel comfortable knowing that my outfit can adjust to any situation if necessary.

express april_170413

express april_170413_5

In today’s blog post I partnered with Express, to show you what such an outfit might look like. Just as a quick sidebar, I named my blog One Dapper Street because my style varied from dapper ensembles to streetwear get ups. So here we have the combination of a badass khaki shirt, paired with a casual blazer, white jeans (not pants) and white sneakers.

express april_170413_4

express april_170413_2

With the blazer on and buttoned up, the look lends itself for more formal occasions, not entirely office ready, but you look well put together. Open it up, flip up the collar, or take it off entirely and you have a much more rugged look. If you wanna go full on beach, button down the shirt and bath in the sun. That’s what I’m all about with fashion, versatility and different vibes :)

express april_170413_7

express april_170413_3

express april_170413_1

express april_170413_6

Photography by Milon Quayim in Partnership with Express


Blazer by Express | Shop here

Shirt by Express | Shop here

Jeans by Express | Shop here

Sneakers by To Boot NY | Shop here

Shades by Ray Ban | Shop here

Watch by Coach | Shop here



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