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Alrighty guys, I teamed up with LensCrafters and am walking you through my day today, with a focus on how tech improves my health, and ultimately my life — that’s physical health as well as psychological health, ’cause mind and body are one… that whole thing!? Anyway, let’s start off with a meditation app that I use primarily in the morning, but throughout the entire day, because that’s what it’s made for: a set of guided meditations tailored to different situations in your life, from waking up to going to bed. I enjoy meditation, but am not at a level that I can just sit down and do it, especially in the morning I’ll just fall back asleep, so the guided ones are absolutely the way to go, and help me keep my sanity in any given day.

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When I head out for a coffee meeting, I like tracking my activity, for which my Apple Watch is just perfect. I’ve tried quite a few different digital watches, and none of them quite do it for my like Apple’s version. From a health aspect, you can set goals for calories, the amount of hours in a day you think you should be up and moving (great for people working office jobs) and general fitness, which we’ll take a closer look at right now…

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In the gym, I usually wear my watch as well, because it ends up delivering all the data directly to the Health App on my iPhone, which gives you a great overview of your workout. Especially for cardio, setting goals on the watch can motivate you to keep going and really make you work harder to get to the goals you eventually want to achieve.

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On this Tuesday, I had an appointment with LensCrafters for my eye-exam (just a check-up, since I don’t really have any problems that I knew of with my vision),    which inspired me to do this blog post in the first place. It’s not just sitting in front of a wall with lines of differently sized letters anymore… there’s a whole bunch of tech going into the process: first and foremost, the measuring process is completely digitized, with your eyes being analyzed by four different instruments, part of LensCrafters’ new Clarifye eye exam. The team was absolutely wonderful, and when I met the doctor after to evaluate the results, she actually noticed that, while I had 20/20 vision, my long-distance clarity and sharpness would improve with a .25 adjustment on both eyes. Seeing as I’m out most of the time, and appreciate a good sharpness, I jumped on that immediately.

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On to selecting my frame, and here technology now can help as well: you can easily compare different frames using the MyLook app, which is how I found out that these Persol glasses were the perfect choice. I went with a simple black pair to get as much versatility as possible out of them.

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The last bit of tech in there would be the AccuFit technology, a semi-private digital fitting, which involves placing a scanner bar on the frame I chose, measures the frame on my face, and takes a picture of me wearing them. All adjustments were done on the computer by a store associate, who then prepared my frame. Good to go. Altogether an insanely simple and smooth experience. Something I didn’t know is that even if you have good vision, and don’t need any glasses at all, it’s still good to do a yearly check-up, because they also scan your eyes for any other health issues you might have, such as Diabetes and Glaucoma, so I’ll be back every year. Maybe you should too. Go to to find the nearest Clarifye.

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The outfit that I wore that day worked perfectly with the new frames, fashionable, yet timeless and right at the border of casual and chic.

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Lastly, there’s little that’s more important to physical and mental health than sleep. I love sleeping, and it destroyed me when people I looked up to said “I never slept more than 3 hours a night to get where I am in life.” I believed it and thought I’d have to be miserable to be successful. Fact of the matter is, a good night’s sleep makes you more efficient, and you can get more done in less time while staying healthy. Another big part of that is waking up in the first place.. since we have sleep cycles, it’s sometimes easier to wake up 15 minutes earlier than the time we set the alarm for, which is why I love using Sleep Cycle. It costs a few bucks but I totally think it’s worth it.

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Photography by Stefano Cracolici with a Nikon D800 in Partnership with LensCrafters

And that about sums it up for me. I’m gonna do an update to my general nutrition and a “What’s on my iPhone?” feature, so diving in deeper into both tech and health, but more separately, but I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and I’ll catch you soon!


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