The Most Clever Accessories You’ve Never Considered

This post was created for and sponsored by Gillette Shave Club.

A man doesn’t need much to live: food, shelter, clean air to breath and water to drink. Some say that the more things you possess, the more complicated your life becomes. Don’t the pre-iPhone days seem so quaint and simple? Who can remember how we existed without front facing cameras and rabbit face Snapchat filters? Of course there are some gadgets that rather than make life more convoluted, actually help streamline daily existence. Here’s a list of some clever accessories you’ve probably not considered that can make your life a little smarter.

Ginkgo Solar Tree Charger


If you want to be zen, environmentally-conscious and check your Facebook feed while in the wilderness, then you should consider this solar energy charger. Made from bamboo and eco-friendly plastic, this tree shaped charger can power your phone and tablet even if Armageddon comes and knocks out the power grid (how else are you gonna post your #ApocalypseSelfie?) [$120]

Gilette Shave Club Subscription


Man may have advanced to walking on the moon and forgoing gluten, but still shaving is a daily necessity for most – in fact, a man will spend an average of 1,000 hours shaving during his life. That doesn’t mean that you have to buy razor blades like Homo Erectus, though. Times have advanced and you can get the best blades delivered to your door for mere dollars a month. Ever better, when you sign up for a razor subscription from Gillette, you also get exclusive content like shaving tips and tricks, free sample products and are even entered to win regular giveaways of major sporting league events and entertainment tickets. Gillette has been in the game the longest and they’ve perfected shaving technology with multiple blades and built-in lubrication strips – because razor bumps are so 1916. For the Aston Martin of shaving plans, go for the Fusion Proshield Plan.

TRAK Smart Finder with Selfie Remote


This little piece of technology solves two of the most pressing issues of our time: finding lost keys and taking selfies. Simply sync with your phone’s bluetooth and you’ll never be late in the mornings or unable to hands-free selfie again. [$40]

Unbreakable Self Defense Umbrella


If you have Avengers fantasies or just live in a really windy place where your plastic umbrella is always decimated by strong gusts that could carry Mary Poppins away, you should know about this unbreakable umbrella. Advertised for self defense, you can surprise any would-be attacker with some sick ninja moves, or just protect yourself from the rain. [$115]

Bheard Sound Pod


Most people have some sort of Bluetooth speakers nowadays, but what if I told you that you could have a portable, battery-free sound amplifier readily available whenever, wherever? Pretty enticing, right? The Bheard Sound Pod is a  one-of-a-kind acoustic speaker for your phone that amplifies and enhances sound in music, podcasts and conference calls. Its lightweight, portable, and waterproof design means you can bring it anywhere – to the beach on a warm summer day, your kitchen counter as you prepare food, or just your bathroom sink while you shower. No charging, plugging or pairing needed. [$30]


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