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Photography by Lisa Dengler of Just Another with a Nikon D800 in Partnership with Eton


Car Print Shirt by Eton | Size 15.5 | Shop here

Micro-Print Shirt by Eton | Size 15.5 | Shop soon, right here

Scarf by Eton | One Size | Similar here

Cat Print Shirt by Eton | Size 15.5 | Shop here

Knit Tie by Eton | One Size | Similar here

… aaand FYI: I’m 6’2″, with a skinny, athletic body-type, wearing a true US10 or EU43.

A shirt. Dressed up, dressed down; buttoned, unbuttoned; rolled up sleeves, cufflinks; worn by itself and worn with a suit. A shirt is probably the single most versatile piece in a man’s closet. While I don’t like to play favorites, Eton is definitely one of my first stops when it comes to woven shirts, for many reasons: firstly, the quality is outstanding — the Swedes have perfected their craft since 1928 after all; secondly, their fits are modern, accentuating an athletic figure; their prints are fun and unique, ranging from funny conversational prints to intricate micro-prints; and and lastly, I love that Eton really embraces what I said about shirts in general in the first place: they don’t just make shirts for suits, or shirts to be worn by themselves. They make shirts that range from casual to dress-shirts and disregard conventions of what should be designed how.

Let’s take a little bit of a closer look for a moment, the first shirt with the junkyard print I decided to simply wear with jeans, rolled-up sleeves and largely unbuttoned, for a very rugged vibe. The print is pretty strong so I opted for minimal pieces to go with it. The second look is a little more dressed up, sleeves are rolled up to the biceps (which is rather “rock’n’roll” in my eyes), but merely to the forearms. The scarf, together with the chinos, the shirt is tucked in, and the navy blue suede combination of furnishings make this look more sophisticated. Even more dapper yet is the last look: suited and tied, I went for a dark-navy outfit with black accessories. From afar the shirt seems to be dotted, but as you get closer the cats become visible, as do the texture of the tie and even the suit.



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