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Photography by Lisa Dengler of Just Another with a Nikon D800

This guy right here. I’ve been working with Will for about a month now, and it’s working out wonderfully. For one, Equinox is just an insanely awesome gym. I love the atmosphere, inspiring people all around you, and awesome set up — and of course that high-end feel that Equinox offers. But to work in that environment with someone like Will makes it amazing. I do have some experience with working out by now, but having a personal trainer is just a complete game changer. You don’t think about how many reps you should do, what weights to grab, what exercise is up next. It’s just about the training, and he does the thinking. Of course he doesn’t just wing it: we did a series of test so he could analyze my capabilities, my understanding of certain movements, and my desires and goals that I wish to accomplish by working out. (Biggest goal right now is doing a muscle up 😉

Aside from programming, you’ve also got that person that’s right next to you, that holds you accountable for how hard you push yourself, and motivates you to keep going when you would drop the weights in solitude. He’s there to spot you, and enable you to do those two extra reps, just by holding his hand right underneath the weight. If you’ve worked out with a spotter before you know the feeling.

The reason I turned to personal training in the first place is because I used to get shoulder pain when I worked out. Basically, I knew that I was doing a few things incorrectly, but I couldn’t fix them, because they happened automatically, making up for muscles that weren’t working when they should have been. I’ve been an athlete all my life and have a fairly good understanding of our anatomy, but I just could not fix my mistakes on my own during a work out. Will now helped me analyze the issue, and set up a program to tackle the shoulder pain step by step. In the end, you just have someone there with you, the entire time, who knows how it’s done, and that’s worth so, so much.



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