Williamsburg – the small Berlin of America, the capitol of all hipsters, and the location for this shoot. I love the area, totally up and coming, lots of young people, bars and stores – just lovely. So after a little second hand shopping at Buffalo Exchange and Beacon’s Closet we took a couple of pictures on the way to the coast.

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Bright Details

Bold and bright colors have been an integrated part of men’s fashion in the past couple of seasons, and in one way it’s slowly reducing itself to rather minimal hints of bold colors – socks, ties, collars all serve as ways to work this into the outfit. So try it yourself and be a little …

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Subway = Runway

I was so ready for the weekend on Friday. And wow what a weekend it was – Fusion Fashion Show weekend! A design competition between FIT and Parson’s. 15 students each, create original micro-collections. 2 of the best fashion schools in the world so it is definitely worth checking …

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Saturated Dullness

Another day – another look – and apparently another snowy and rainy day for NYC. Thursday was a great day nevertheless; always stay positive 😉 So let’s take a look at this… Overcoat – Strellson. Virgin Wool in all black. It feels insane and works with anything and everything, …

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Sweet Stitches

Whoever has been to New York before, summer or winter alike, knows there’s nothing average about its weather. Extremes in all sorts of ways (let us remember Irene, Sandy and Nemo at this point) “plague” the metropolitan apple. So this gloomy Wednesday forced me ….

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Shades and Lids

Last Saturday, I’ve been to the Met in NYC to see the new “Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity” exhibit. It focuses on the time period of 1860-1880, when Paris was the fashion capital of the world. (For more on this exhibit, look out my post on it.)

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Poppy Red

On this lovely and sunny Tuesday morning, I decided that I wanted to wear my relatively light quilted Zara jacket. I love it for several reasons – it is somewhat of a mesh between a blazer and a jacket; it is totally trending right now that quilt is so big, and you can combine it with many things, …

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