Modern Flashback

Let’s talk a little bit about fashion in the sense of timing. I think it is pretty obvious to us that the majority of styles return, and that some styles seem to stick around for longer and others seem to disappear instantly. There’s actual terminology for that in the fashion industry: when a specific style …

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Colorblocked Simplicity

Today we’re keeping it simple and casual after all it was a “Sunday”-kinda look. Often you don’t have to wear a button-down or even a blazer to make a dressy impression. A cardigan, which, let’s face it, is just way more comfortable, can also do the trick. This spring we see a lot of colorblocking, so I busted out my tricolor Marc by Marc Jacobs blazer. How to make it work, you ask?

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Electric Blue Experience

Dapper, casual, blue three words descriptive of my look today. I got this amazing blue blazer at H&M just last Friday and am so super happy with it. Amongst pastels I consider this blue to be very much in season, so I needed to get something with that color. I didn’t want to overdo it on a casual “museum” Saturday, so I wore it a little more casual …

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Walking The Line

Walking the line between casual and dressy. I had an interview today for an International Student Scholarship at FIT (it went well thanks for asking), yet I didn’t feel like suiting up, so I “walked the line”: …

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Back In The Day

Not that I was actually alive, just saying – it looks cool in the movies. I was inspired by a more classic, a little bit retro look, but also I was inspired by a guy I saw on the street the other day: …

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NYC Through My Eyes

Yesterday I had a casting for Versace – yes, I almost dropped dead even being considered. So my motivation in the morning was to kind of go for a Versace summer look. Now I don’t own anything Versace (so it was even more fun trying on those suits 😉 but what I had was an idea …

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Fresh Mint

Vests – classic and have been around somewhat forever. I recently did an OOTD integrating it, but weather like it is in NYC makes a down vest the perfect choice. Not too warm, not too cold, enables layering and therefore adds to your styling opportunities. Mint green, ..

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